Monday, September 26, 2016

Tonight marks the night my phone died. Used every day, almost 4 years old. ))))))))))))))))):

I don't know what happened, it was low on battery, charged it, then it stuffed up, and restarting it won't work, and both my Macs don't recognise the iPhone. What also doesn't help is that there's no stock of iPhone 7 in Aus. Why did my phone have to die now, why not a few weeks later when the new iPhones are in stock. Not even mentally prepared to buy a new iPhone, and it takes 2-3weeks availability, but can't last without a phone for even a day...

I was also going to back my iPhone up this week, but haven't backed anything up since July. Goodbye forever lost birthday photos ))):

And why are there almost no appointments available for the Genius Bar for iPhones?

Trying to find old phones at home to use. Too bad my iPhone 3 doesn't turn on anymore ):
Also, apparently it was the Optom School who decided to give us a night exam before contact lenses the next day, 90% sure they are trying to further sabotage us and fail more of us.

today is not my day. whole night wasted D=

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Wk 9: The Week of Eating Stress

This has been a whirlwind week. From my uncle visiting, to mum's birthday, to going out one too many times to eat out, and of course, uni.

Let me first start by saying this whole semester I've been relatively not stressed, even for my thera mid sem I didn't really care this much. It was until Thursday night that the stress really got to me. Sooooo much stuff to do, and not enough time to even start studying for finals, mainly because of assignments, and I don't understand the concept of everything I've learnt this whole sem (hence I've been telling people it feels like I've learnt nothing so far...)

Actually, I wouldn't be so stressed if they didn't change our provisional timetable. They've never changed our provisional exam timetable, until this sem, which didn't change back and is now our final timetable. 6 exams in 13 days rather than 15. That is pretty much a repeat a 2nd yr when we had 8 exams. What I am most angry about, and the rest of the grade, is that we have a frikken night exam with super heavy content that finishes at 8pm, followed by another heavy content subject next day. I JUST WANT TO STRANGLE SOMEONE. Don't even know if there are buses back home. And by the time you get home and wake up, you head out for the exam the next day which is contact lenses. We all have a hunch that the Professor put thera before CL to ensure some of us fails. At least 3 times this sem she hinted that she is going to fail people, mainly because people didn't turn up to lectures. I turned up to all of them, but why didn't other people, just makes her pissed off and she said she's going to make the exam hard. Whyyyy night exam and an exam the day after, whyyyyy

The main cause of my stress, and haven't even started studying.

At least 4 assignments to do before finals, and again we have a shorted 4 day STUVAC since we start exams on Friday. What doesn't help is that my mum is going overseas during exam period, and so is my manager, so have to work more and can't take days off. Small store problems, other people covering the manager, so no one can cover me. 

It was nice knowing you all...

So much planned in this mid sem break, and it's not even study related. So screwed. Already know I'm running out of time. Need to start waking up earlier.

Apart from that, this week has been pretty good (and ate out a bit too much). My uncle came so could bring back stuff from overseas which other relatives bought stuff from Korea and HK.

The neighbours made a Japanese style cheesecake for my Mum's bday, it's even packaged up and everything-super cute.

It was a tad bit crumbly, and more sour than sweet. It was a super healthy version, since I guess more cream cheese would make it not as crumbly, but then not healthy...

Pistachio Lemon Zen Cake from Black Star Pastry

Bought for Mum's bday (and also I wanted to try it). Dinner that night at Bowery Lane. Also had a burger from Milk Bar by Cafe Ish earlier since I was at Redfern for a half day placement, and the only time I would be there the whole yr...

Thursday involved yum cha at Rouse Hill on a super rare day off. Dinner at home plus with the cousin, and mum cooked at least 8 dishes (i.e. more food coma).

oysters (:

Friday work dinner at Biviano's.

Reviews to come (probs in Dec tbh...). Definitely over ate this week, but birthdays are a time of celebrations, and when relatives come it's another excuse to go out and eat. Yes, was also stress eating.

Saturday working, and worked 1 hr overtime, and not getting paid for it. I was about to leave 2 hours beforehand then he called me back to stay (so couldn't even meet up with the G8s). Only get 45min time in lieu next time, which irks me, since manager going on leave, so if I leave 45min earlier, he'll pay me 45min less. He'll just follow what the computer says when I clock out, rather than paying me what I'm rostered and then I can't tell him I'm leaving 45min early since he'll be overseas. Argh, again small store problems. When you don't meet budget, don't get paid for an hour. Ay least I got shouted a coffee, but $2 still doesn't cut it....

Annoyed that I hardly progressed with any assignments/readings/study/video lectures etc etc.

My to do list for my super packed mid sem break is too long ): Need to force myself to wake up early.

Feeling the stresses.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lorraine's Patisserie

I thought I've bought something here before, but actually haven't only walked past. I was here for the signature Date Tart that I had in Rockpool (which has reopened as Eleven Bridge) earlier this year, but unfortunately they don't make it anymore. Apparently they might make it later once the menu changes or something. You can see the whole kitchen once you walk in, but in terms of standing space inside the shops probably max 4 people. There's also no seating, but I do have to give credit on their better quality cake boxes and recyclable paper bags instead of plastic.

sweet treats to end a not so great week

look at that brûlée on top

Marscapone cake: Lightened mascarpone, layered with crisp coconut dacquoise, fresh strawberries-$9

One of their signature cakes, this was better than I expected. A good hit of coconut in the dacquouise and not as sweet as the almond dacquoisde in then Strawberry and Watermelon cake from Black star. This one was more dense and moisture didn't soak into it as easily. Loved the creaminess from the mascarpone and it wasn't too rich either. That brûlée top gave a subtle touch of bitterness. Probably on par with the Black Star cake. 

Rhubarb pie: Buttery pastry, rhubarb compote, crunchy demerera sugar-$9.50


A friend recommended this, and I trust her judgement since she's eaten some of the best pastries in the world. It looked really sweet with all that brown sugar on top, but surprisingly it was really needed to help balance out the sourness from the rhubarb. The pastry had a harder texture and not too buttery. The crunch from the sugar on top made it fun to eat.

Lorraine cutting out a slice of my cake

They run out of things throughout the day, so they keep making more. Waited around 5mins for the cakes to be sliced and wrapped with plastic on the side. Will be back sometime to try the cheesecake, and hopefully they would start making the date tart again...

dessert cabinet

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Mad Pizza E Bar

It's funny how two places with 'Mad' are next to each other-Mad Pizza E Bar and Mad Mex. I think this place is ideal for groups, since when we were there, there were also 2 other large groups.

Rocket & Parmesan: Salad Of Wild Baby Rocket w/ Pine Nuts, Parmesan & Balsamic Dressing-$12
Lamb, Chickpea & Feta: Light & Tasty Salad Of Braised Lamb Shank, Chickpea, Feta & Roast Pumpkin w/ Spinach & Lemon Dressing-$18.5

Was hoping for more pine nuts in the rocket and parmesan salad, and a bit more dressing. The lamb salad was surpassingly delicious, with tender bits of lamb, and quite a lot of toppings inside. More expensive for a salad, but the flavours work well and was well dressed.

Rigatoni Chicken Boscaiola: Rigatoni Pasta w/ Chicken Breast, Mushrooms, Bacon, Pea's & White Wine Cream Sauce-$18.5
Tagliatelle Siciliano: Tagiatelle Pasta w/ Sicilian Style Summer Eggplant & Tomato Sauce w/ Shaved Parmesan, Spinach & Basil-$16.5

The chicken pasta was recommended by a friend, and it was really nice! Not overly creamy like a typical white sauce pasta, but also had good bits of flavouring from the meat. The tomato sauce based pasta was a bit more bland, and there wasn't as much sauce. 

Fungi: Sliced Mushrooms, Rosemary & Feta On A White Sauce Base Topped w/ Rocket Leaves & White Truffle Oil (normal base)

I really like the flavour of this, although some people had saltier bits of cheese. There was a good amount of flavour from the truffle oil, and decent bits of mushroom. Was hoping for a more cheese though. The pizza bas is thin enough without being floppy.

Tuscan: Shredded Lamb Shanks From Victoria, Baby Spinach, Red Onion, Garden Peas, Basil, Feta, Garlic & Lemon (Romano/herb base)-$23.5

The herbier base gave it some flavour, but the lamb as this was a bit drier and tender as the lamb from the salad. 

Chocolate brownie, espresso gelato, popcorn

Complimentary dessert for the table since I made a booking with Dimmi. I was worried about the chocolate being really heavy, but this dessert was surprisingly not sweet. The gelato had a really good depth of coffee flavour, and the dark choc in the brownie also helped halt the sweetness. Service throughout the night was pretty good.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Bus on Fire

At 5:23pm, there was a bus that caught fire on the Harbour Bridge yesterday. Of allll the places in Sydney, why did it have to catch fire on the bridge and during peak hour??? Even half an hour later would've been better, or like 1km after leaving the bridge. 

I hopped onto my bus and the driver was saying something which I didn't get. Felt it was strange not many people at the bus stop/on the bus/many buses coming in. Checked Trip View and saw this:


Yay for Telstra Air at my bus stop, but nooo, it would take at least 2 hours to get home from the city, normally a 30min drive or 1hr bus ride. I asked the driver and he said that he just had to wait for the roads to clear. After sitting on the bus not moving for 20mins, decided to catch the train.

Kent St onto the Harbour Bridge, cars legit not moving for kilometres...

The train station felt like HK. By then it was around 6:15, and it was packed. Saw a friend's snap an hour ago and people were lining up outside the station, because there wasn't even enough room to go down the escalators to the underground trains. So thankful my mum is the type who can pick me up whenever there's a need. I really don't understand other people's parents who always have to make their child find their own way home even if it's like midnight, or they just have to get their friends to give a lift even if it's not even convenient for the friend...

Bus was still stuck there...

When the train went over the bridge around 6:45pm, they opened 3 north bound lanes, but the bus I was initially going to catch still didn't move at around 7pm. So glad I decided to catch the train since got home just half an hour later than normal. My closest train station was also so crazy at 7:15pm. Normally everyone would be home by now, but people from neighbouring suburbs came to pick people up. It was actually quite crazy, and you actually can see how important buses are for the Hills.

I guess luckily no one got injured in those flames, and better in evening than morning, where going to uni on time was kind of on the verge of a mini heart attack, esp if you were late for clinic/pracs/exams. I normally allow an extra hour for traffic accidents, but for bus fires, I guess I need to allow for 2...


There are more bus frustrations, but I think that's enough for this post.

Don't even want to work both days again this weekend, was planning to go out and eat/do some study, but I guess I should be grateful I have a job. At this rate, don't even know if I'll have a job once I graduate.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


An impromtu dessert involved going to the Opera House. First time stepping inside, and wow-that architecture is so on point. The area is so vast and spacious, along with harbour views at night is a beauty. I love how Bennelong can still take walk ins at the bar for dessert. Most places you have to have either a 3/4 course meal or a degustation in order to have their signature dessert, or just a well known dessert, but here you can just come for dessert! More high end restaurants should allow for desserts only (although they probs won't profit since you've taken a space for dessert compared a person who's sitting through a degustation...) I guess the bar here is a good optio, although there are limited options, they have the 2 desserts on the bar menu which I've been wanting to try. 

inside a sail of the opera house


the 8th chocolate element (sauce)

chocolate cake from across the water-$28


Wow, that super thin piece of tempered chocolate being melted is quite superb. 8 different textures of chocolate is amazing. It does become a bit rich and sweet after a while 9and I'm not a massive chocolate fan), but it had all the textures you can ask for: soft, smooth, crisp choc, crunchy base, melt in your mouth pieces. If I didn't see the video of its construction, I would be able to easily distinguish 6 different textures, the last 2 were a bit less distinct. Pretty sure this used to be at Quay a while ago, but they moved this dessert here, hence the 'across the water.'

Cherry Jam Lamington-$28


This was in a pressure test on MasterChef, and seeing them making and constructnig it, you definitely know you got your money's worth. it takes the core essential of the Aussie lamington, but completely transforms it. It's actually not really sweet, rather the flavours of each element really come through. It comes with that smoking nitrogen, and once that clears you see the cake. Cut into it, there's the cherry ice cream which is still cold after a lot of photo taking. The ice cream flavour is full of flavour, yet holds back on the sweetness. There's an acidic cherry jam part in the centre. Then there's the sponge which you'll find in a lamington at the base, just the perfect amount of sweetness. The coconut shavings on the side are amazing. They completely melt in your mouth, but not on the plate. Never tasted something so smooth, cold, creamy but not rich, refreshing, and super flavourful and light at the same time. Coconut but reinvented. I would actually come back for a proper dinner and order this dessert again (:

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sake Jr.

Pitt St Mall food court on level 5 has changed quite a bit recently. On their first day of opening they had  500 bowls for free, and I made it just in time to grab a freebie and try this place out.

It's kind of a new concept with Japanese food (not run by Japanese), and a modern fusion of other cuisines. You line up to pick a base, a protein, a sauce, and then unlimited veggies and other toppings/ garnish and they fill your bowl in front of you. Each one costs $15. They also have other sushi, juices and snacks available,

so many choices...

Bao bun, black bean wagyu beef, beans, sweet corn, seaweed

There was quite a lot of stuff going on even though they didn't feel the bowl to the brim. They gave me 3 bao buns, and chose this since I haven't had them for a while. The bad thing about them is that they soak up too much of the sauce/drssing so because soggy after a while rather than moist. The guy tried to get the beef from the bottom since the top was dusted in chilli in the serving bowl. Beef was tender, but tasted like normal beef rather than wagyu. It was quite oily and saucy as well. Veggies were well dressed in their own sauces/dressings, plus the apple soy ginger, hence at the bottom of the bowl you have all this liquid. I think udon would have been a better choice, or else try to pick things whivh aren't already cooked in sauce to avoid a mix of saltiness when you reach halfway. 

This was surprsingly not sweet. The cookie was really thin and soft without being crumbly, and chocolate layer was quite thin. Red bean strawberry flavour was subtle, but better than being artificially sweet. Would actually recomment this ice cream sandwich, probably the least sweet one I've had. I have a sweet tooth, but when you combine a sweet cookie plus sweet ice cream it's too much (unless it's not artifically flavoured...)

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